this is my second favorite joke in this show.


That’s kind of a big thing to inadvertently do.


That’s kind of a big thing to inadvertently do.

sopettyandtiny replied to your quote: “I didn’t want any other Kitty RPers to try and…

omfg!!!! i just saw this but holy shit


Dear Shannon,

This is not okay:

Keep your muse in check.

thanks for the tw sometimes i just can't help myself around bad video games

I know that feel. 





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if i marry a girl i want us both to wear the same wedding dress and make it look like an accident and then when we walk down the aisle we’ll start fighting and pull swords out of the dresses and sword fight down the aisle and itll make everyone there feel really weird but thats how i want to get married with a sword in my hand and with my ass looking fantastic in a dress

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Signed. And…marriage? But…this is so soon…I don’t know if I’m ready…

Deal with it.

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but how will they get the most notes if they don’t post their gifs first

You’re right I should have thought of that. How inconsiderate of me.



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why not?

Mostly because I’m embarrassed by my singing. But also because I find it, while amusing, mildly creepy.

But you sing so beautifully, dear.


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