I Am No More


you don’t even need to make fun of republicans they do it for you

Craig Ferguson’s version of The Hobbit poster.

Disney comments on the censored UK Avengers Blu-ray


In which a Disney UK rep tries to convince British fans that the uncut Loki/Coulson scene was never shown in the cinema in the first place. But it was. Confused? Join the club.

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Anyone with a PC, this is an easter egg

  • open my computer 
  • click on C: 
  • click on Windows 
  • click on Media 
  • click on onestop and listen in windows media player 

I can’t even, it’s a musical roller coaster

Oh my god what is going on?


Yes, someone actually sculpted ribs into this mannequin, and the other two mannequins also modeling bikinis nearby. I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but I can’t help but feel disgusted. I mean, size one mannequins is one thing, but now we’re actively supporting protruding bones as a standard of beauty.

The new Illinois “Click It Or Ticket” commercial is about zombies. Is the government trying to prepare me for a zombie outbreak?

    Ship ALL the things?

  • Me: My dog has fallen asleep smashed against the kitchen counter. Lying as CLOSE to it on his side as he can. It's like he's trying to hug it but it's a counter so it's too big.
  • Wes: They're otp
  • Me: My dog/the counter?
  • Wes: In the dog's mind, it seems
  • Me: *provides photo* dog/counter otp?
  • Alicia: Yus. I ship it
  • Wes: Feeels