I think I’m funny

I just sneezed and fell off my chair.

What I want. Written by an exhausted Joan (so I hope it makes sense and/or is valid)

What I want for the X-Men is everyone to hub at the school again. Disclaimer: none of this includes any X-Force stuff. This is just non X-Force related wantings.

I want Logan to have a core x-men team, much in the same vein of  Scott’s core team on Utopia. I want the core team to be a rotating huge group headed by Logan that includes Magneto, Kitty, Storm, Pixie, Bobby, Hank, Psylocke, Gambit, Rogue, Rachel, Hope, Hisako, Jubilee, Emma, Warbird, Frenzy, Warpath etc. All the major players (except for Scott because I’m like 99% sure he’ll be in jail).

I want Magneto to have a sub team that will consist of Magneto, Kitty, Karma, Mercury, Elixir, Quire, Idie, and possibly Psylocke.

I want Storm to have a sub team that will consist of Storm, Bobby, Hank, Rachel, Chamber, Jubilee, Cannonball, possibly Emma if she’s not in jail.

I want an X-Club on going.

Then I want Wolverine And The X-Men to be about actual at the school stuff. That’s probably too many X-books at 5 not including X-Force stuff but I want it anyway. This is just my dreams.

Okay so my 5 year old cousin is at my house while her mom is at some event and a 7 year old boy scout comes to the door selling popcorn. Earlier I had explained to her that I didn’t like the boy scouts because they don’t allow anyone who is gay to be a member or troop leader. While I’m trying to figure out how to tell this boy I won’t buy his popcorn my cousin runs in front of me, yells “BOY SCOUTS ARE BIGOTS” and slams the door.

Oops I think I accidentally turned my cousin into a social justice blogger.

I had to buy a new microwave a few weeks ago and the guy at the store was like “the best part about this microwave is it is guaranteed to explode marshmallows after 1 minute.” So I had to try it, because come on. And it totally does. There is marshmallow goo everywhere.

I regret so many things

If you don’t love Coquette [formerly CokeTalk] then we shouldn’t be friends.

I just sneezed so hard I fell down.

I was then informed by my cousin if I didn’t post about it she wouldn’t give me a piece of cake.

I just walked into a glass door.

I would steal Arm Fall Off Boy’s arms. LOOK WHO’S POWERLESS NOW