Aristotle's Modes of Persuasion

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comics meme: favourite relationships. (1/5): carol danvers & steve rogers.

"did you just dare me?"
"you’re air force. always works."

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I Don't ship Tony/Steve even a little bit. Really want this shirt anyway

Really, guys? I’m back for ten minutes and we’re already fighting space aliens?

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‘The Incredible Hulk’ alternative opening finds Bruce Banner attempting to commit suicide on the top of a glacier, however he turns into the Hulk before he can do it, smashing the glacier. In a freeze frame shot of the crumbling glazier, you can see Captain America in the ice.

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This is something that isn’t discussed enough, I don’t think, or at least I don’t see many discussions about it. But Steve Rogers really didn’t expect to become Captain America at all. He thought he was going to be in an army of super soldiers just like he was. But then Erskine died and he was the only one who could step up and take the mantle of being a national symbol, and he never got a chance to escape that until Bucky came along and took the shield for a while.

I’m really bummed that Brubaker’s leaving Cap. I think he gets Steve (and certainly Bucky as well) in a way that not many other writers have.

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OMFG-can’t breathe-
It’s my neighbour, TOTORO 

This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.



-can’t breathe-

It’s my neighbour, TOTORO 

This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.