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Hey folks,

My friend Jenna has left an abusive domestic situation and is looking to relocate and start a new life for herself and her cat. She’s in a temporary home and is currently out of work. I’d like help her raise money for this move, so here’s what I’m going to do:

I haven’t taken commissions in over two years, but I am auctioning an original sculpture, character of your choice, style of your choice and will donate all proceeds to Jenna’s relocation fund.

Here are some examples of my work:





(More pics of these and other pieces at my site, JFSculpts.com)

The winning bidder will receive one original sculpture, character and style of their choice, hand-painted, on its own ready-to-display stand.

I’m going to start the bidding at $300. Here’s how it will work:

  • Email me at jfsculptsemail01 (at) gmail.com with your bid and what character/style you would like
  • I will update my site, JFSculpts.com with the amount of the current highest bid
  • Winner will donate their winning bid to Jenna’s fundraiser page
  • 4-6 weeks from that time, the winner will receive their sculpture
  • I’ve decided to extend the bidding and do one more, so if you missed the initial deadline I’m keeping the auction open a little longer
  • New auction winner will be announced SATURDAY, MARCH 15th

It’s that easy!

Jenna is my hero. I hope to help her get back on her feet. Please help if you can, by bidding, spreading the word with social media, or by donating directly.

Thank you.

UPDATE:  I see there’s suddenly some new activity on this posts, so if anyone wants to contact me ( jfsculptsemail01 (at) gmail.com) with another bid (to be done after the winning bid, so sometimes in April/May), let me know.

Bid is currently at $350. New auction winner will be announced SATURDAY, MARCH 15th

Keep spreading the word and donate if you can: $10, $5, whatever you can spare. Every bit helps. Thank you!


hey so um artists who wants to draw sharon riding around on falcon’s back with her arms stuck out making airplane ‘nyoom nyoom’ noises while steve and bucky grasp tightly to natasha as she looks fiercly off into the distance because let’s be real that’s the poster everyone wants to see




FUN SPECIAL PROMOTION! (Another reason to come to C2E2!)

We love Miles and want to meet all the folks out there who are just as crazy about him!

Pull out your costumes and come see us in our booth in Artist Alley at C2E2 dressed as Miles Morales/Ultimate Comics Spider-Man during…


stares at blog

I literally can’t believe it’s come to this again i want to maim things godfricking hell.

I don’t even know where to begin, aside from the coldest winter on record so far and the fact that mother, the cat, and I have had to weather through it without heating; the fact that we’ve had to spend over £330 on food over two or three months, the fact that utilities total £948, or the fact that the council wants £750 ‘back’ from us after a cock-up they made.

If you follow my blog you’ll already be well, well versed in how often I trudge out to interviews and the like (only to be rebuffed because hahaha you need experience or ‘you’re not what we’re looking for’), to no avail.
You will also be well versed in just the kind of toll this shit is taking on my mother, and I. You will probably also be well fucking versed in how much I really hate having to turn to you guys for aid, but there is literally no other option and no way I can possibly earn enough in the given time.
This is only ever my very last option and I hate it as much as you are probably suspicious of it. It’s not obligatory to donate, and I’m asking for actually just a little less than I need (£28 pounds less actually, considering £28 is pretty much all I can spare), just.
Help, I guess. Help us.

The Help Get Alicia to C2E2 So She Can Show Her Portfolio Fund


Okay, so here’s the thing. I have a job, the pay is decent, but I have bills too, bills that prevent me from being able to pay for other things. I need some money to get to C2E2 because I have been building my portfolio all year and I may have a chance to show it off to some big names. This is very important for me to be able to do this. I have dreamed of being a comic artist since I was 5 years old and have been busting my hump on my art since. Some of you have seen my art and have even seen my progress over the years. So what I’m asking is that if everyone just helps me a little bit, I can go to Chicago, and I can show my art to some of the companies. Aspen liked my art a few years ago but said I needed more panel and background work. I have that now. And I want to show what I’ve got. I just need some help getting there.

I don’t like asking, but this may be one of my best chances. Please help. I love you all.





Help Peter David!

As some of you may know, longtime X-Factor writer Peter David suffered a stroke last week while on vacation in Florida with his family. He’s currently recovering (he even did revisions on an X-Factor script and is keeping nurses laughing, according to reports) but even with health insurance, co-pays are still huge. 

Here is how you can help Peter David. Please click this link, read this post, and do what you can.

On a personal note, it’s hard to put into words just how much this man’s work on both of his iterations of X-Factor mean to me. As an 8 year old first discovering comics, his X-Factor run, which had just ended at the time, meant so much to me. He made me lifelong Madrox and Strong Guy fans and had me hunting through back issue bins looking for his complete run. X-Factor #’s 71, 84 and 87 are perfect comics.

Then, around the year 2000 while I was in high school, he helped me stay interested in comics even as I became disillusioned with every X-Men book. If you haven’t read his Captain Marvel run starring Genis-Vell, Rick Jones, Marlo, Moondragon and the rest, please do. Then he followed that up with the Madrox limited series, which rekindled my passion for the X-Men, and it hasn’t gone away since.

I had the pleasure to meet him a few times when I worked at Wizard and he was always the most pleasant, humorous guy…I got to tell him face-to-face how much his work means to me.

He’s one of the most important comic creators in my life, and I wish him the speediest recovery.

Peter David’s been a important creator in my life since I started really reading comics in the 90’s (he’s been at it way before then, though). From his Star Trek the Next Generation novel “Imzadi” (oh yeah, I go deep as a geek) to his legendary Hulk run, all the way through his X-Factor run (that is still going!) and much more, his wit, deft characterizations, and great plots have brought me a lot of entertainment. Best wishes to him and his family as he recovers from this stroke.

For some of my followers who might not be familiar with his comics work, he’s also one of the writers on Young Justice.

Pinkwashed: We’ve All Been Fooled


A pink ribbon is a symbol of hope and unity amongst women in their journey against the epidemic that is known as breast cancer. Every year, millions of dollars are raised by women and their family and friends across the country and donated to companies like Susan G. Komen and Avon’s Walk for Breast Cancer. But did you ever wonder where the money was going and how it was being spent? After some snooping around, I’m heartbroken with what I’ve found with not only Komen, but with the entire pink ribbon culture in general.

In the 2009-10 fiscal year, Komen donated only 20.9% of their assets towards research. Their largest chunk, a 39.1%, goes towards “public health education.” In other words? They are using 39.1% of their funds to bring ‘awareness to the public’ about the disease. Don’t even get me started on the corporate salaries. For a charitable, non profit organization, the CEO, VP, and employees of Komen get a pretty hefty annual check each year. The CEO gets an estimated $558, 607 a year. Here you can find a copy of the company’s Form 990 which shows the salaries of some of the highest paid employees of the company. Keep in mind that doctors make between $119,000 to $205,000 a year. My question is this: if Komen is an organization driven purely by fundraisers and donations from the good hearted people of America, where are they getting the money to pay such lavish salaries onto their employees? 

Sponsorships. Let’s take a look at some of the companies that Komen has linked itself with over the years: 

  • Ford (yes, the car company)
  • Coca Cola
  • AstraZeneca
  • KFC; good ol’ Kentucky Fried Chicken 
Breast cancer is a disease that is not yet understood by scientists and physicians. We do not know what exactly triggers it and we have only recently discovered that there are different types of breast cancers. It is a disease that changes depending on the age and ethnicity of its victim. But Komen has always been adamant about leading a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy, organic foods in order to ‘lessen the risks.’ First of all, let me address how hypocritical this is, seeing as how they only donate a meager 10% of their assets to prevention. By understanding prevention, we understand how to protect ourselves. It’s obvious why their partnerships with Coca Cola and KFC would make you go, “HUH?” You might have heard of AstraZeneca. It is a global pharmaceutical company that manufactures anti estrogenic drugs— medicine used during treatment for breast cancer. What people don’t know is that AstraZeneca is also the parent company of Syngenta, the third largest pesticide producer in the WORLD. Syngenta produces multiple pesticides, including atrazine and chlorothalonil— which are classified by US Environmental Protection Agency as carcinogens. As for their partnership with Ford, studies have recently been released that air pollution— mainly exposure to nitrogen oxide, is linked to breast cancer. 

And Avon, the makeup company known for their AvonWalk for Breast Cancer? They use parabens, a known carcinogen, in their cosmetics. Here’s a list of the carcinogens and estrogenic chemicals also used in Avon products:
  • Benzophenone-1 
  • Methylparaben 
  • Ethylparaben 
  • Imidazolidinyl urea 
  • Ceteareth-20 
  • Disodium EDTA 
  • PEG-80 sorbitan laurate
  • PEG-10 rapeseed sterol
There is SO MUCH MORE to companies and their greediness concerning the pink ribbon. For one, there is no government regulation in concerns to the use of the pink ribbon image. Any company could put a pink ribbon on any product without the intent of donating any money towards research. It is a shame what people will do for a quick buck; even if it means to play around with the health of women. Breast cancer is an epidemic. We can’t play around anymore. Too many lives have been lost, and we can’t waste our time screwing around with companies who are profiting off our desire to make change. 
Visit Think Before You Pink to do some more reading. It’s time to take our health into our own hands. 


Hey guys.

I’m auctioning off the original art for the Newtown memorial piece I did yesterday, with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the Newtown Connecticut Youth & Family Services Center, which has been aiding the victims. You can bid on the art here on eBay.

If you’re not really wanting to bid on it, but still want to donate, that’s even better. You can contribute here.

Please spread the word. You guys are an amazing fan-base. Let’s all help these kids through this difficult time.


Guys I REALLY need you to click this link or signal boost




My dear friend Ava is so close to not being homeless and/or dead, but she really needs a little more help. 

Her landlord raised her rent, and with winter setting in her utilities have raised as well.

They really cannot afford to be homeless. 

Her mother has lung cancer and cannot survive the cold temperatures, and Ava’s foregoing food so that her mother and cat can eat. 

So please, please, give whatever you can. Even if it’s just a couple dollars, it will help. 

And if you can’t help, please signal boost this. 

EDIT: Her deadline is Nov 30th. 

You guys, oh my God, she is SO close to keeping her home and her life, I am begging you PLEASE help if you can, in any way you can.  Signal boost, pitch in five bucks, anything.

I am so grateful to everyone who’s helped Ava so far, she’s an amazing person and a wonderful friend, and she’s SO SO CLOSE.

Please, guys, the deadline is November 30th.

I love you all for this.  Seriously.

click the link please god just do it


i really don’t know how to say the same thing over and over again but my situation and my family’s situation is dire as fuck.

our landlord raised the rent by £300 for the second year in a row, because it means he can get out of paying for the tenancy agreement. he planned for this hike in rent to make us homeless because he wants to demolish parts of the property and do them up so he can resell for profit like the slimy little grubby shit he is.

it isn’t just me at risk here, if it was just me, i wouldn’t be begging tumblr for money. i, on my own, have been homeless in winter before. this time, it is my mother who has lung cancer, my cat who is recovering from surgery and myself, a 19 year old whose attempts to find a job that will pay enough to keep the three of us alive have been fruitless and are continuing to be.

i cannot just up and leave, nor can i crash on a non-existent local friend’s couch. the rest of my family is unwilling to lend any aid whatsoever, believe me, i have asked and begged and cried at and to them, they do not care.

i’m sorry to all the people that are continually seeing me on their dash with this, but this is honest to god my last resort. i have passed the point where i care if i sound needy or desperate or hassly, because i have been forced to be needy and desperate and hassly or my family and i will be homeless and die.

we are two females and the shelters in my area are not nice. the area i live in is not nice. i really don’t know how to make this point any clearer. they literally found a pair of sawn-off baby’s legs a two minute walk away from my house a few weeks ago.

i have been forgoing eating on and off for three months just so i have enough money to feed my mother and cat. we have had to stop paying both the tv license and heating bills because they were bills that were crippling us. i’m typing this while wearing a shirt, jumper, cardigan, and dressing gown all at once.

you are not obligated to donate, you do not have to apologise to me if you don’t have money to donate. but the very least you could do is spread the link around like wildfire because as much as i do and as much as i save, £4500/$7250 is a lot of money and i can only scrape together a fraction of a fraction of that in the time available to me.

i am barely 19, i have already had to deal with the deaths of my three siblings, i have already had to deal with being homeless on my own for a year, i have already had to deal with constant emotional and physical abuse for 16 years, i have already had to deal with my father stealing and absconding with my trust fund, i have already had to deal with my father never paying maintenance, i have already had to deal with taking care of my terminally ill grandmother for three years taken out of my college education while my aunts did fuck all to help, i have already had to deal with 900x more than i am fucking prepared or equipped or should have been expected of me to deal with and i can’t deal with this because unlike every other time this is money i need and not sheer fucking willpower and drive.