I Am No More


yeah but what you’re all missing here is that:

  1. girls go to college to get more knowledge
  2. boys go to jupiter to get more stupider


F**k Yeah Science of the Day: Say goodbye to the “hot pizza burn” — researchers at the University of New Mexico (a city known for chemistry) have created a dissolving oral strip that gives immediate relief and healing to a scalded mouth. 

Coffee, tea, pizza, or Hot Pocket, let no temperature stand in your way ever again. These need to come out ASAP.



there are 3 prevailing theories of a grand cosmological end game of the universe and they are as follows:

1. the universe reaches maximum entropy and has no free thermodynamic energy resulting in the eventual heat death of everything as the universe collapses in on itself

2. the universe continues to expand and the space between galaxy clusters grows until the distance between bodies in space becomes to great to sustain any form of life and the universe freezes over

3. mecha-barbie fuses with holy barbie and becomes mecha deity barbie whose godly high heels crush the cosmos and extinguish worlds in an inferno of fashion passion


NASA Mars rover Curiosity snaps 1st color photo of Red Planet

Space.com: NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has taken its 1st color photo of the planet. The new photo provides a view of the terrain north of the Curiosity rover, and shows the north wall and rim of Gale Crater in the distance, NASA officials said in an image description.

Photo credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems

Your periodic table is now wrong


The IUPAC (The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) has announced as of May 31st that there are two new elements. Flerovium and livermorium, 114 and 116 respectively.



Shark Extinction: The Shocking Truth

Ocean lovers everywhere, we are at crisis point. The top predator species in the food chain of our oceans is being hunted to extinction. Some shark specie populations are estimated to have declined by over 99% since the 1970′s!

The repercussions for marine eco-systems are dramatic and have devastating consequences down the food chain. To name but one example, species of Rays and Skates can explode leading in turn to the shocking decline of shellfish fisheries and a rapid reduction in water quality. And that’s just for starters!





(image by crownedrose)