I Am No More

Jasmine Villegas - America Chavez (Miss America)

Bear with me on this one because a lot of people only know Jasmine Villegas as either the girl who appeared in one Bieber music video, or as a not very well known R&B singer. However she started her career as an actress and is a good one. I think she’d really be able to pull off America’s attitude and she definitely has the right look. And at 19 she’s not too old for the role like other suggestions I’ve seen tossed around.

Jodelle Ferland - Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

I know a lot of people like Crystal Reed but she’s 28 years old and Kate is supposed to be not quite 18 (according to one of the most recent issues of Young Avengers where it’s stated her upcoming birthday will make her an adult). Jodelle Ferland is 18 years old and has proven herself to be a good actress. She’s more than capable of pulling off a role like Kate in my opinion.

Eva Green - Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

J.B. Smoove - Antoine Delsoin (Hypno-Hustler)

This was a suggestion from a friend that I instantly fell in love with and I can’t imagine a better fan cast for the Hypno-Hustler than this. J.B. Smoove is an actor and a stand up comedian who is incredibly funny and dynamic and would embrace the ridiculousness of the Hypno-Hustler with just the right amount of over the top style.

Dave Franco - Robert “Bobby” Drake (Iceman)

It was time to update my Bobby fan cast because my previous choice was reaching the point of too old. Dave Franco is a very talented actor who has proven to me in pretty much everything he’s been in that he has phenomenal comedic timing. At 27 he’s just a bit young to play Bobby (who is 30 in canon right now) but I really think he can pull it off.

My X-Men Fan Cast has been updated to reflect this change.

Alexander Fehling - Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)

It was time to update my Kurt fan cast for a few reasons. The first being I was never particularly thrilled with who I had chosen for him before, but I at the time had been unable to think of anyone better. I knew I wanted an German actor this time around and I settled on Alexander Fehling for a few reasons. The first being he’s a great actor, he’s really very talented. He’s also the right age for current Kurt at 31 and he’s got the right body type and general face structure. I’m honestly thrilled with this choice.

My X-Men Fan Cast has been updated to reflect this change.

Sierra McCormick - Cassandra Lang (Stature)

By request!

I went back and forth on this a lot. I narrowed it down to three actresses. and then agonized over which one I thought could be the most successful in the role. I ended up going with SIerra because at 15 she’s only a year younger than Cassie was when she died. She’s a talented actress (some of you might even recognize her because a few years ago she was Lilith on Supernatural) and I definitely think she could pull off playing Cassie better than the others. I’m definitely happy with this pick.

Elena Satine - Dr.Pamela Lillian Isley (Poison Ivy)

By request.

Elena Satine is a tad young for the role but I think she’s got the acting chops to pull it off. She’s currently in the show Magic City in a role that has just proven to me she could handle portraying Ivy pretty fantastically. She’s a huge comic book fan which doesn’t really add anything about her talents but it’s always great to have a fan of the source material in the movies.

Danai Gurira - Ororo Munroe (Storm)

I changed my Storm fan cast because I finally caught up with The Walking Dead and the more I watched Michonne (played by Gurira) the more I kept thinking the actress would be perfect for Ororo. Danai Gurira is from Iowa but her parents were both from Zimbabwe and she can do an impressive accent. She’s 34 and honestly her whole look just feels like Ororo and she’s a great actress.

My X-Men Fan Cast has been updated to reflect this change.

Mirai Shida - Hisako Ichiki (Armor)

My old Armor fan cast has been looking too old  for the part of a while so it was time to make a change. Mirai is a 19 year old Japanese actress, she’s quite talented and I think she’d pull off the role for Hisako wonderfully.

My X-Men Fan Cast has been updated to reflect this change.