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"She’s just a supporting character!" Your spine’s just a supporting structure, wanna see how well you do when it’s ripped out? 

We flawless, ladies tell ‘em


Happy International Women’s Day!


part one of mahou shoujo marvel magica (tm kagoshimas)

the characters are listed in the captions & when i finish another 6 ill do another photoset of them but yeah everyone ive done so far thank you guys so much for supportin me on this project & i hope they fill everyone with happiness & sparkles as much as they do me (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

as a side note if you want to cosplay these characters (cause ive gotten some questions on it) feel free!! just send me the pics or let me know id love to see clutches face

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GotG still of the Milano in high res

Marvel character Myers-Briggs profiles [x]

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Jasmine Villegas - America Chavez (Miss America)

Bear with me on this one because a lot of people only know Jasmine Villegas as either the girl who appeared in one Bieber music video, or as a not very well known R&B singer. However she started her career as an actress and is a good one. I think she’d really be able to pull off America’s attitude and she definitely has the right look. And at 19 she’s not too old for the role like other suggestions I’ve seen tossed around.

Jodelle Ferland - Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

I know a lot of people like Crystal Reed but she’s 28 years old and Kate is supposed to be not quite 18 (according to one of the most recent issues of Young Avengers where it’s stated her upcoming birthday will make her an adult). Jodelle Ferland is 18 years old and has proven herself to be a good actress. She’s more than capable of pulling off a role like Kate in my opinion.


"apparently deceased"

why is that so funny

The forgotten canon friendships of Kitty Pryde [2/9] Kitty Pryde and Doug Ramsey

Kitty first met Doug without knowing he was a mutant. He was a friend outside of the school that shared a similar interest in computers and video games with her. They would get together to write code and work on computer projects all without either one of them knowing the other was a mutant [New Mutants #13 1984]. Doug became one of Kitty’s closest friends, someone she could talk to outside of the X-Men when she was having a tough time and though Doug’s feelings for Kitty were of a romantic nature, to Kitty he was just a friend. When Emma Frost invited Doug to attend the Massachusetts Academy, Kitty went with him for the interview to protect him. [Uncanny X-Men #180 1984]. When Doug eventually joined the New Mutants [New Mutants #21 1984] his friendship with Kitty continues to grow until his death [New Mutants #60 1988]. Kitty took Doug’s death hard, thinking of him often even after forming the team Excalibur [Excalibur #1 1988] and finding it very hard to come to terms with seeing Douglock knowing it was not her friend [Excalibur #78 1994]. Kitty kept a picture of her and Doug pinned to her bulletin board years later [X-Men Unlimited #36 2002]. Kitty was trapped in space when Doug was resurrected by Selene [X-Force #18 2009], but since her return [Uncanny X-Men #522 2010] the two of them have had little to no interactions despite how close they were before his death.