i’m a monster

i cannot believe

that was so weird i was like 90 percent certain i misunderstood something or hallucinated it

i HOPE i hallucinated it that was very messed up and confusing and NONSENSE i never wanted this i can’t decide if the weirdest bit was mystique apologizing about being unable to raise the kid (as if she really cared for xavier????) or her using moira’s name as hers or raze and the xavier/mystique kid meeting or JUST THE WHOLE THING WAS WEIRD

not like ‘why are you interested in those’ but more ‘why would you do this to yourself’

well the plan was always to double major in soc and math but i love writing so i wanted to minor in that and then the gender studies thing was an accident because i was only two credits away from completing that minor so i added its and i’m not sure where my life went so wrong

headbutt them, you mean


i don’t need to because i know i am krogan. one day i will shed my terrible human skin and emerge as the wonderful space snakey lizard with hump creature i was meant to be.

so totally a krogan, that is undeniable

if you were a krogan all of your rad battlescars would secretly be from falling over. you would probably look like a v tough krogan.

i would look so intimidating and it would be such a lie


i’ve never wanted to use the term brotp for an actual comics medium before but

i think


(via americachavez)

did you find a rl bulbasaur

there would be no stopping the bragging if i found any real pokemon at all i’d tell the world

i haven’t checked that youtube playlist i had of it in a while. i wonder if they’ve been taken down. ps i am so sorry

it’s okay but you should watch the thing! i promise you won’t regret it

how many people has kitty been carried by? my fave will always forever be when meggan has her and she needs to pee and it's a big ordeal ah i want more excalibur ;~;

I LOVE EXCALIBUR i need more of that in my life all the time

and a surprisingly large amount of people have carried Kitty considering most of the teams she’s been on have had a jet of some kind. I have pictures of her being carried by Ororo, Rogue, Rachel, Jean, Meggan, Brian, Magneto, Northstar, and Thor