I Am No More

headbutt them, you mean


i don’t need to because i know i am krogan. one day i will shed my terrible human skin and emerge as the wonderful space snakey lizard with hump creature i was meant to be.

so totally a krogan, that is undeniable

if you were a krogan all of your rad battlescars would secretly be from falling over. you would probably look like a v tough krogan.

i would look so intimidating and it would be such a lie


i’ve never wanted to use the term brotp for an actual comics medium before but

i think


did you find a rl bulbasaur

there would be no stopping the bragging if i found any real pokemon at all i’d tell the world

i haven’t checked that youtube playlist i had of it in a while. i wonder if they’ve been taken down. ps i am so sorry

it’s okay but you should watch the thing! i promise you won’t regret it

man-thing said: how many people has kitty been carried by? my fave will always forever be when meggan has her and she needs to pee and it's a big ordeal ah i want more excalibur ;~;

I LOVE EXCALIBUR i need more of that in my life all the time

and a surprisingly large amount of people have carried Kitty considering most of the teams she’s been on have had a jet of some kind. I have pictures of her being carried by Ororo, Rogue, Rachel, Jean, Meggan, Brian, Magneto, Northstar, and Thor


right i’m so here for this i think potentially

I now have every issue of Marvel Fanfare and I think the only person who will care is Megan so I’m tagging her


for man-thing/tumblr user biblbobaggins, who asked for a man-thing christmas!! you adorable swamp monster you

happy christmas weenies!!!!