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Kristen Bell ABC
C → Craig Ferguson

Craig: No no no no, you can’t be my sidekick.
Kristen: Why not?
Craig: You’re too cute, everyone would watch you instead of me.
Kristen: I could totally do it.
Craig: You could not totally do it.
Kristen: I’d have more than 8 catchphrases!!

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Craig Ferguson and Kristen Bell in Paris, Palace of Versailles, 4th August, 2011.

/demonstrating the protocol for the Queen of France and her lover (the gay Draco Malfoy), coming through the back door in her bed room [imagine the whole scene in a fake French accent]\

Le Late Late Show avec Craig Ferguson
Craig & Kristen visiting the Eiffel Tower

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House of Lies Pilot
 ⌊ Jeannie in the strip club

Favorite TV Characters
Veronica Mars || Veronica Mars

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