I Am No More


Joss Whedon on the set of The Avengers


It’s shameful that a killer gorilla passes as a teacher here.

Aren’t you shaming your ancestors with your constant complaining?

Astonishing X-Men #13 by Joss Whedon, art by John Cassaday


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Joseph Hill Whedon - June 23rd 1964

Writers are completely out of touch with reality. Writers are crazy people. We create conflict - for a living. We do this all the time, sometimes on a weekly basis. We create horrible, incredible circumstances and then figure a way out of them. That’s what we do.

Finally, Whedon discussed the Marvel hero he really wishes he could make a movie about: Kitty Pryde.

"Kitty Pryde is still a heroine I adore, with a power that would be very filmic. Obviously, legally, it’s not in the house. But if I were King of the Forest, it’s still Kitty Pryde. Now, I recently said Batman. But I don’t see why they can’t team up — because I’m the King of the Forest now, so they can team up… with Scott Pilgrim. The three of them will fight crime. Batman will always be like, ‘Why does he always get change when he wins a fight?! I never get change!’"

A Kitty Pryde-Batman-Scott Pilgrim team-up movie? Movie people, please give Whedon your rights to everything.

Joss Whedon

“As for me, I’ll just focus on writing “Avengers: We Are Punching in Fabulous Outfits” (I wasn’t supposed to reveal that title till later — my bad, Marvel.)”

Joss Whedon’s comment on Whedonesque


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