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what kind of a question is that. pizzer

Chicago style deep dish or bust tbh

Did I do a good Joan did you get my good? it was good.

Yes, you did good.

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Also known as the best episode in all of existence. I think I’ve watched it at least four times now.

LIES it’s second only to Virtual Systems Analysis.

I recruited my mum to come pronounce it for me. It is very pretty. I still think Joaniquishaniqua is better. :)

Pffft I’ll tell my mom she should’ve named me Joaniquishaniqua, I’m sure she’ll love that.

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Is it Joaniquishaniqua the III. I think it is.

That’s my name, you caught me.

Yes. Yes he did. Also I highly recommend watching Firefly. Like now. Go.

also theres that dude from chuck who always looks angry and one of them is always smiling and her name is joan maybe but thats your name so probably not i don't know she's adorable and reminds me of you and does everyone die because joss whedon or is it just bucket.

The guy from Chuck is Adam Baldwin and he plays Jayne. The smiley girl is Kaylee and contrary to popular belief I am not her.

Who is bucket do you mean Wash? and Joss Whedon loves killing people.

i'm confused is there a person called serenity or is the ship called serenity. and is there a person called bucket or something who's played by the guy who plays the robot in that robot movie. also does bucket die. i think bucket dies.

What also Serenity is the ship but is also definitely a character of the show and what about buckets? 

I had a dream I met you last night in some shopping center in the Gold Coast. Feelings were had.

I wish that had been a reality like whoa.

I'm so concerned about Jackie Earle Haley's face. It looks like somebody's gone on photoshop and dragged everything up. I am actually terrified his face is scary.

That is the best way you could have possibly described that.