I Am No More

We did have a Middleboy once.

 What does that make me, the "Middlegirl" ?


Fangirl Challenge10 friendships [2/10]
    ↳ Wendy & Lacey (The Middleman)

"I just wish I wasn’t having such a difficult time of this."
"Sex, waffles and video games? What am I missing?"
"Can you keep a secret?"
"Have I told anybody about that thing with the blueberry pudding pops and the elliptical machine?"

"So rule number one, never, ever give me the “a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do" speech before you strap on your six-guns and leave me back at the ranch with Ida the prune-faced android. Two, you don’t crack my boyfriend’s skull. And three, you don’t date my roommate. Got it?"
-Wendy Watson  | The Middleman

The Middleman, Episode 1x01

  • Dubbie: Is it true what you said? That if there's one thing you hate more than scientists trying to take over the world, it's scientists who twist innocent primates with computer enhanced mind control to live out their sick and perverted fantasies of criminal power?
  • Middleman: Why would I lie about that?
  • Dubbie: It's just a very specific thing to hate.
  • Middleman: Self-knowledge is the gateway to freedom.

The Middleman, Episode 1x01


You could use a little more Wendy Watson, Tumblr.




Like an unborn lotus festering in the mud, waiting to blossom, I come to you with humble greetings to beseech your guidance most awesome.

The Middleman 1x03: The Sino-Mexican Revelation