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Marvel Holiday Icons

I’ve seen a bunch of Marvel holiday icons around and these are the ones I’ve saved myself. I’ve seen duplicates of one or two of the ones I have but not many so I figured it was worth posting. Mostly X-Men right now but I’m adding more.

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Tim Gunn in the Iron Man suit

“All-New X-Men and Wolverine & The X-Men are the two X-Men flagship books. They are where the most hardcore X-Men fans should go to get their fix. The Jean Grey School is a big part of All-New X-Men. You won’t really see the fallout of All-New X-Men in Wolverine & The X-Men until probably around #24. In All-New X-Men #6, you’ll see the adult, present day Angel. You’ll also see the Hellfire Club’s Sentinels in All-New X-Men. The continuity is shared, but we don’t want to steer people away.”

Nick Lowe

S.H.I.E.L.D. Scoop: Meet the Members of Joss Whedon’s New ABC Pilot!


SKYE | This late-20s woman sounds like a dream: fun, smart, caring and confident – with an ability to get the upper hand by using her wit and charm. 

AGENT GRANT WARD | Quite the physical specimen and “cool under fire,” he sometimes botches interpersonal relations. He’s a quiet one with a bit of a temper, but he’s the kind of guy that grows on you. 

AGENT ALTHEA RICE | Also known as “The Calvary,” this hard-core soldier has crazy  skills when it comes to weapons and being a pilot. But her experiences have left her very quiet and a little damaged. 

AGENT LEO FITZ and AGENT JEMMA SIMMONS | These two came through training together and still choose to spend most of their time in each other’s company. Their sibling-like relationship is reinforced by their shared nerd tendencies – she deals with biology and chemistry, he’s a whiz at the technical side of weaponry.

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X-Men line up redesign by Matthew Humphreys.

I’ve posted this before but I just really like it.



Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Blu-Ray Collection

Already have mine preordered like a winner.

Comic-Con: The Astonishing X-Men Blu-ray Collection Announced


The Astonishing X-Men Blu-ray Collection Announced

Gorram, I just bought the DVDs and now I want this.

Thank god I haven’t gotten around to purchasing the DVDs yet. Blu-ray shall happen.

Want to get into X-Men comics right now?

Here is my personal suggested order on how to do it!

1 Astonishing X-Men #1-24 (Plus the Giant-Size issue which goes last) this is Joss Whedon’s run, it’s a good launching point I’ve found to get people used to X-Men comics more since it’s a small team but with a lot of well known characters and an interesting storyline

2 House Of M (this can get kind of confusing but is super important and very good)

3 Second Coming (This is a less complicated than House Of M but you might still need to google a few things.

This is where you can start reading Uncanny X-Force but as it RARELY interacts with the rest of the comics you can kind of read it whenever you want. I’m including it because I think it’s one of the best x-titles right now and it’s darker.

4 Uncanny X-Men #521-544 (this has I think 3 overlapping issues with Second Coming because tie ins)

5 Astonishing X-Men #25-43

6 Schism (mini series only 5 issues long) (ALSO there are two tie-ins: Generation Hope #10 and #11)

7 Regenesis (one shot)

(From here on you’re in current X-Men time and can read these until AvX in any order)

8 Uncanny X-Men (new run) STOP AFTER #10

9 Wolverine And The X-Men STOP AFTER #8

10 X-Men Legacy #259 -265

11 AvX #0 and #1

from here on out read the rest of AvX, Legacy, Uncanny, and WATXM in whatever order you choose, they’re all AvX and AvX tie ins. Also the AvX: VS series tells you what regualr AvX issue it is a companion to.

Astonishing X-Men #44-to current

Hope it was helpful! This catches you up to everything in current X-Men main titles.

Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men: Torn Motion Comics DVD Announced


Third Motion comic DVD announced for August 14, 2012.