I Am No More

Chapter titles of Melody Malone.

The Ponds won’t die.



All you need to do is watch Day of the Moon.

  • Remember little Melody’s room at the orphanage in 1969.
  • i.e. photo of Amy holding a baby Melody.
  • Little Melody regenerated in New York.
  • The Ponds’ last episode is set in New York, The Angels Take Manhattan.
  • Rory uses past tense in The God Complex.
  • In conclusion, the Ponds are moving to 1960s New York.
  • The Ponds get to raise Melody.
  • Happily ever after.
  • Okay, can we move on?

I’m perfectly happy to make this headcanon now, particularly with how well River responded to Amy’s decision to follow Rory.


Click and drag the Dalek.



Dragable pictures are all the range, right?


i am so done

Every time I look at my Doctor Who DVDs I see the DW logo and my brain immediately thinks about Arthur’s little sister. No brain, no.

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