i can always count on tas to be with me

you only think that because the clock tells you so.


#why would you put this on my dash? WHY???????????? #feeeeeeeeeeeeels

I’m sorry Tas. It’s the 10th anniversary of Firefly. Feels will be plenty. Be prepared.

Tas this is a post letting you know that Brand is in Wolverine And The X-Men #15

19thcenturytasare replied to your post: Was belting out Beach Boys songs with my window…

why not?

Mostly because I’m embarrassed by my singing. But also because I find it, while amusing, mildly creepy.

19thcenturytasare replied to your post: top three favorite canon comic ships and “should be canon” comic ships

Abigail/Hank should be everyone’s OTP.

It’s on my list. I ship like nearly everything. My only sticking point is I personally find it hard to ship outside a character’s canon sexual orientation. 

19thcenturytasare replied to your post: I know it’s off point

Oh I would cheer that armor up all night long.

Crying. Tas I can’t even